Montford Neighborhood Association Community Meeting Minutes

Montford Neighborhood Association
Community Meeting
June 26, 2018

Habitat Brewing Company

The meeting was promptly called to order by President Michael McDonough at 7:30 pm.  30 or so our neighbors attended on the rainy night – Thanks!

Community Resource Officer Justin Wilson was the first agenda item.  He reported that he and another officer have met with the owner/manager of the Salvage Station (SS) regarding the noise complaints from some Montford residents.  They are willing to work with Montford on the issue and Justin gave the owner Michael’s contact info.  The noise ordinance does apply to SS.  If a resident is experiencing noise issues, promptly call APD non emergency number at 252-1110 and request an officer come to the home.  Be specific in your call and meet the officer at your address to allow their witnessing the noise.  SS says that the outdoor stage is the main culprit and they have 10-12 events on the stage from May thru October.  APD can only give tickets, not stop the music.

Speeding on Montford Avenue was discussed.  Justin reports that 20 vehicles have been stopped in the last month.  In the last nine months, 47 hours of speed enforcement have occurred in Montford.  Some desire hiring an off duty officer (who has authority to pull cars over and write tickets) which costs $40/hour.  The board will study this opportunity; perhaps a pilot test for a period of time.  The guy who posts the speeding vehicles (sorry, did not get name) on Listserv volunteered to keep the conversation going so please contact Michael. Traffic cameras were discussed but Justin states that APD does not operate traffic cameras and the public is suspicious of these cameras.

The destroyed bus stop on Montford was discussed.  APD does not have a suspect as the owner of the vehicle was supposedly in FLA during the wreck.  Asheville is working to replace the stop.

Camping is not illegal in vehicles on city streets but the abandoned vehicle ordinance can apply if a vehicle has not moved for many days.  Hummingbird Park is a common area for issues to exist.  If drugs are evident that may change things.  Reports issues at the APD non emergency number at 252-1110.  If needles are observed, one can contact APD but we can remove the needles safely with heavy gloves for disposal.  The skate park is supposed to close at 10pm but some residents report activity after that hour.  Contact Parks and Rec with the specifics.  The Greenway encampments near the Greek church have supposedly been lessened but Justin will confirm.

Packages and other items have been taken from porches.  Be vigilant and secure the items other ways if possible.  ALWAYS lock your car doors!  Someone wanted to know how to follow up after a police report has been filed.  Contact Justin for follow up.  APD is adding officers but there is a long training process (a year or so).  Contact City Council to support more spending for APD if you desire.

Ben Scales provided the Montford Music and Arts Festival update.  The 15th annual Festival was well attended even though the rain storms dampened the day somewhat.  The Festival has cleared at least $5400 this year with not all sponsorships paid yet so a very successful Festival! Always looking for volunteers to serve on the Festival Committee.  Had several new people on the committee this year and the learning curve is not too steep.  Please consider a position as more hands make for simpler work.  Thanks to Bonnie Gilbert for stepping up and stating she will assist with publicity.  We will be in touch.

Lynn Raker talked beautification/improvement to our neighborhood.  She wants all parts of the community represented on her team.  Perhaps she can send out on the listserv a list of needed areas of Montford (I did not capture what was represented and what was needed).  She also kept the discussion alive about an annual dues structure for Montford.  More details to follow as she plans to present options to the board in the future.  Contact for more info on the above.

A neighborhood cleanup led by Randy Hall will occur July 14, likely beginning around 8:30 or so.  Details to follow but look for info on the listserv.

MNA Board discussions followed.  Sid Border has resigned from the board.  Dan Rogers will become secretary and Lynn Raker will take the nominated spot that Jackson Tierney has withdrawn from recently.  The slate of candidates was voted upon and Michael McDonough will be President, VP is open, Dan Rogers – Secretary, Terry Peters – Treasurer, and the board also has Leslie Humphrey, Ellen Nutter, Ross Terry and Lynn Raker.  The vote was unanimous and this is your MNA board.  Bonnie Gilbert and Susan Loftis indicated interest in board positions and the current board will take this under advisement.  Susan Loftis indicated interest in tightening up the relationship with the HRC – perhaps being a liaison.

The by laws were discussed and the latest version (last amended 2009) will be put on the website and the listserv for the neighborhood information.

MNA has nearly $28K in the bank and are actively looking at projects to enhance Montford.

Ross Terry states that since the newsletter went electronic he believes the readership is down.  We printed 1300 copies but unsure how many were read.  He will continue to monitor the click thrus on the digital edition.  The board will revisit the electronic newsletter concept.

David Wall on Watauga has an issue with the disrepair of sidewalks crumbling on Watauga near Montford Park.  The roots have mangled the sidewalk.  Lynn Raker has agreed to take this project on as part of the beautification.  David will assist.

Montford Holiday Tour of Homes is scheduled for Saturday, December 8, 2018.  Mark on your calendars and if you have interest in showing off your home contact Ellen Nutter.

Thanks to Habitat for hosting our meeting.  Great to share information with our neighbors and share a pint or two at the same time.

Adjourn at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Rogers