Historic Resources Commission

Historic Resources Commission of Asheville and Buncombe County

Public Hearings – Certificates of Appropriateness
Montford Action Agenda November 9, 2016

Item and Summary Action

54 Starnes Avenue—modification of front porch railing to add a bottom rail at stair; reconstruction of damaged portions of stair; reconstruction of stair at side of porch
— Approved

37 Montford Avenue—installation of 72” x 57” free-standing sign
— Approved with conditions

125 Flint Street—replacement of four non-original windows; removal of 3 windows on side and rear elevation and covering with siding matching existing; replacement of non-original door with new wood door on side elevation
— Approved with conditions

34 Cumberland Circle— enclosure of open elevation of accessory building and installation of French doors
— Approved with conditions

139 Montford Avenue—construction of new accessory structure and concrete driveway/parking area; construction of new rear deck; installation of new metal fence in front yard
— Approved with conditions

159 Pearson Drive—construction of new accessory structure
— Approved with conditions

208 Cumberland Avenue—construction of new one-story addition
— Continued

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