Write for the Montford Newsletter and Website

We’re always looking for news and human interest stories. Recently we’ve run articles about local schools, historic homes, pets, musicians, sports, charitable events, businesses located in Montford and/or owned by neighbors, and individual residents who’ve led interesting lives or recently accomplished something to be proud of.

On the hard-news side, neighborhood writers have kept a close eye on such issues as revising the Historic Resource Commission’s Design Review Guidelines for the Montford Historic District, the route that I-26 will take through Asheville, and how our Neighborhood Watch is addressing safety and security. All the while, we’ve continued to publicize the annual Music and Arts Festival, Easter Event, and Tour of Homes.

If you have something you’d like to write about, put your story in a Word document and send it to  Ross@KRTdesign.com. You can also call Ross at 828-230-7439 to discuss your ideas.

We like to have articles by the 20th of the month. The newsletter goes to press at the end of the month and reaches more than 1,600 readers a few days after that.

Some articles are picked up by the Asheville Citizen-Times website, our WNC LINC media partner. The full newsletter becomes part of the online archives, which you can check out at montford.org to see what we’ve published over the last five years.

To place an ad in the Montford Newsletter contact Ross Terry at Ross@KRTdesign.com or at 230-7439.
Ross is also available to help with ad creation if you don’t have an ad prepared.

We rarely, if ever, turn stories down. So send us something, neighbor.