Welcome to Montford!

Whether you are a visitor, new to the neighborhood, or a longstanding resident, Montford is a great place to be. A portion of Montford is a National Register Historic District. Recent years in Montford have witnessed the renovation of many of the neighborhood’s residences by individual families and a myriad of industrious bed and breakfast owners who have helped to restore the district to its former splendor. The residents of Montford welcome you. It’s the people here, through all their efforts, that make this neighborhood a great place!

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Shakespeare’s Birds

Marci Spencer June 20, 2015

“Birds chant melody on every bush”…Shakespeare’s Birds

As North Carolina’s longest running Shakespeare Festival, the Montford Park Players have presented the Bard’s classic plays for 39 years. Reminiscent of their first 1973 production at [… click heading to read more]

Waneta Garden Update

With part of the funds we’ve made at the Montford Music and Arts Festival and the Tour of Homes, the Montford Neighborhood Association Board has taken on the project of improving the small plot of land at Montford [… click heading to read more]

Join a Local Advisory Board

Looking for neighbors who are interested in serving on the Montford Community Center Advisory Board. We had an informal board in the past, but we have some exciting projects coming up and we thought this would be a [… click heading to read more]

Thanks to our Newsletter Volunteers

Thanks to the following neighbors for delivering the Montford Newsletters, rain, snow, or shine. A particular thanks to William Saupé and Jim Parker for delivering the newsletter bundles to each deliverer, with sometimes help from Pamela Dupuis and Joe [… click heading to read more]

Ask Away Montford!

Dear Kelli,

Why do people seem to insist on jogging or walking in the street on Montford Ave? I could understand if there were no sidewalks, but Montford has nice, big, relatively unused sidewalks. Just today I almost hit [… click heading to read more]

Thank You Montford Neighbors and Friends!

Daphne Young

My, my, my, what a wonderful surprise when I picked up the June/July issue of our Montford Newsletter. I sat down in my rocking chair on the front porch and began reading and I will admit that [… click heading to read more]

Montford Neighbors Support Non-Profits and the Western North Carolina AIDS Project

Pam Siekman, Montford Neighbor and Event Chairperson

The Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP) is gearing up for their annual Raise Your Hand Benefit Auction & Gala, to be held Saturday, September 26 at the Asheville Event Centre, 291 [… click heading to read more]

Remembering John Robinson

[Compiled by the Editor—Thanks to the Asheville Citizen-Times for much of the material and timeline. And thank you to John Russell, Deborah Austin, and Kenn Kirby for spending time with me giving further information and stories.]

Our good neighbor [… click heading to read more]

Historic Resources Commission of Asheville and Buncombe County

Montford Action Agenda July 8, 2015

Members present: Chair Brendan Ross, David Carpenter, William Eakins, Woodard Farmer, Richard Fast, Bryan Moffitt, David Nutter, Tracey Rizzo, Amanda Warren

Staff present: Stacy Merten, Alex Cole, Jannice Ashley

Item And Summary and [… click heading to read more]

Montford Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Montford Neighborhood Association held the regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 7pm at the Montford Community Center, Pearson Drive. In attendance were MNA Board members Brian Elston, President, Michael McDonough, [… click heading to read more]