YMCA Food Drive Reminder

Healthy Living Mobile Kitchen photo courtesy of the YMCA

Bags to be picked up on March 9th

The Montford Neighborhood is partnering with the YMCA Nutrition Program. The YMCA does healthy mobile markets that provide food assistance and nutrition education to those who need it. They are collecting canned vegetables, canned chicken/tuna, dried beans and rice during the first week of March. They will be distributing bags to each house on March 6th and pick up on March 9th. Keep an eye out for the bags/flyers and be sure to leave it on your front stoop on Friday morning. For more information, please contact Lisa Riggsbee at:

“I work with the YMCA Nutrition Programs. We host almost 40 mobile markets a month where folks are able to access free, healthy food and nutrition education for free, no questions asked. With over 18% of all North Carolina families suffering from food insecurity, the Y is working hard to turn the tide for a healthier Western North Carolina. Through the Healthy Living Pantry, Mobile Kitchens, and Mobile Market, fresh food is being distributed to local families, along with practical, cost-effective cooking demonstrations to make a lasting impact on our community. The Y’s Nutrition Department started distributing healthy food, teaching nutrition education and doing cooking demonstrations in Buncombe, McDowell, and Henderson counties in 2013. Our outreach is done by providing healthy food along with information on how to store and prepare it.”

Lisa Riggsbee, MPH
Nutrition Manager- Community Engagement