Tiny Busker on the Avenue

busker-higher-res-webLate in 2015, the Montford Listserv got this email in its inbox: “Hi Montford, My seven year old is hoping to earn some money today (to buy a book he really wants). He thought playing his violin might be the answer. Of course no pressure (we aren’t homeless or hungry) but feel free to drop the little guy a quarter if you see him!!” Katie from Watauga was writing for her
son Lucas.

The book was a Star Wars Lego book that Lucas had seen at his school book fair (he’s in first grade at Jones). He had taken his own money to school, but had come up $4 short. He approached his mom after school with not only the problem, but also the solution–he proposed he could play his violin downtown for money.

Downtown seemed like a lot to Katie, but she remembered the Tour of Homes so they tried to find a good spot on the route and ended up in front of Chiesa. Katie wrote that Lucas was a little nervous when people approached but did a great job. “Most people gave him big smiles and kind words, a few people gave him money, and a few others averted their gaze.”

Work Well Done, Lucas Earns His Prize

Some of their dear friends dropped a $5 bill into the violin case and another threw him a quarter out the car window! “After a half hour of mostly continuous playing, his arms were tired and we packed up. All in all it was a very positive experience and he will be able to get the book with some to spare. He has already asked if I will take him again tomorrow.”

Katie ended with: Please thank our Montford neighbors for making a little boy’s day!