New Montford Avenue Banners

Sue Russell

The new holiday Home Tour street banners are up.

This is the work of your neighborhood association, and you’ll be seeing more in the future. The City has permitted 14 locations throughout Montford. Look for new banners to promote our Music & Arts Festival this spring.

The banners do a couple of things. One, they help promote our neighborhood events, generating revenue that can be reinvested in the neighborhood. And, they are a sign of how Montford is maturing. Yes, even 20161122_132717_001-webin its “old age,” Montford is experiencing a renaissance of new people and housing.

Life goes on, things change. And, speaking of change, hard-working people who’ve been making these sorts of things happen are cycling off the neighborhood association Board of Directors. Current Board members are going to start making a focused appeal in early 2017 to get new people to step up and serve a term on the Board.

If you volunteer, you’ll meet new people, get involved in projects that benefit the neighborhood and you’ll have some fun. Stay tuned.