Music and Arts Festival Juried Art Contest Winners

The Festival had a large variety of artists, nonprofits and vendors. They are the biggest supporters of the festival through their booth fees. Many of them return year after year. Some say that our festival is well organized and one of their favorites. The website will have the artists and vendor information on it so you can look up your favorites. The judges for the juried artists this year were Stephanie Moore, Executive Director of the Center For Craft Creativity and Design (CCCD) and Anna Helgeson, Grants and Programs Coordinator at CCCD. This was Stephanie’s second time as a festival judge. Thanks to both Stephanie and Anna for a job well done. (See pictures for names and awards). We also had a few new food vendors this year including Jamaican Flavors and Le Bon Cafe and some standbys like Mac Daddy’s Lemonade. Thank you to all the vendors.

FIRST PLACE: Language of Leaves, (left to right) Patricia Spangler, judges Anna Helgeson and Stephanie Moore. Patricia was last year’s first place winner also.

SECOND PLACE: Cotton and Cursive, Rachael Icard (center).

THIRD PLACE: Artifactual Adornments, (From the left) Bethany Davis, Kayla Davis, Bridgette Davis and Bryan Davis (far right). They have won both first and third place prizes in past Montford Festivals.