June’s Dog of the Month: Grady, a dog about town!

Kassie Moore

Seamus O’Grady Moore (“Grady”) moved to Asheville 3 years ago with his owner, Kassie, and he’s quickly made Asheville his own. His favorite pastime is hiking and, despite turning 12 years old this spring, Grady hits the trails regularly. His favorite hiking spots include Bearwallow Mountain (particularly when there are cows at the summit) and the Deep Gap Trail in Mount Mitchell State Park.

When he’s not hiking, Grady enjoys leisurely strolls through Montford, winding his way from Starnes Avenue, where he lives, down to the Reedy Creek Greenway so he can dip his feet in the water. His favorite route zig zags between Cumberland and Broadway where he stops to check out some of Montford’s more interesting animals – chickens, goats, and even a pig!

Grady also loves to cruise the downtown scene, particularly Pritchard Park, where he once found an entire hamburger, and South Slope, where the combination of food trucks and his owners’ increased beer consumption often results in a food “jackpot” situation.

It’s not all play for Grady, though. During the week, he puts in a few hours of work (snoozing beside his owner’s desk) at Town and Mountain Realty’s dog-friendly office. All in all, Grady couldn’t be happier with his life in Asheville. To check out his many adventures, from the city to the mountains, follow him on social media (#GradydoesAsheville).