I-26 Corridor Survey Results

Suzanne Devane submitted this survey to neighbors on the Montford listserv. Thank you Suzanne for your work in putting this together and compiling the results. More info to come.

Broad Geographic Cross-Section Represented

  • 160 responses over 2 weeks from 9/30 through 10/12.
  • Geographical results were broad, with 57 different streets represented.
  • 33 represented streets are in Montford.
  • 133 responses were from Montford residents (83%).
  • Remaining 24 streets represented the West Asheville, Linden-Murdock, North Asheville, Five Points, South Slope, River Arts, Emma Street, and Charlotte Street communities, as well as Woodfin and Fairview.

Miniscule Support for I-26 Plans.

  • 3.75% (six people out of 160) support Alternative 4B.
  • Only 15.63% think the City’s goal of making 4B smaller can make that alternative okay.
  • 48.75% think 4B is unacceptable.
  • 20.63% think it would be difficult to make 4B acceptable even if the three elevated highways were smaller.

Concerns About the I-26 Connector Project And/Or Alternative 4b

  • 86.88% are worried about increased noise.
  • 84.38% are concerned about the visual impact on Asheville stemming from three elevated highways.
  • 79.38% are concerned about the visuals associated with tall retaining and sound walls.
  • 78.13% are concerned about increased air pollution – an issue that won’t be analyzed by NCDOT because Asheville is not currently polluted.
  • 76.88% are concerned about all the foliage/trees that will be clear-cut for construction.
  • 74.38% are concerned about property values.
  • 70% are concerned about structural integrity of homes and historic resources in Montford.