Hummingbird Park

What’s the Buzz at Hummingbird Park?

Thank you for visiting the Friends of Hummingbird Park web page. This page was created to share with the Montford Community our ideas for improving this neighborhood gathering place.  We invite all of you to participate in this community effort to enhance our park.

What is Hummingbird Park?

Hummingbird Park is a green space at the corner of Cumberland and Starnes Avenues. It’s a resting spot for dog walkers and a quiet corner where you’ll occasionally find someone sunbathing or reading a book.  It’s a space where neighbors gather, to chat at a picnic table or play a pick-up game.  Although it has a place in our hearts, it doesn’t even have a sign to identify itself by name.  But, we, the Friends of Hummingbird Park, have wonderful plans for this neighborhood jewel and we’re hoping you will join with us.

Who are the Friends of Hummingbird Park?

“The Friends of Hummingbird Park” is a community group formed in December of 2016 to explore options for maintaining and enhancing Hummingbird Park.  We currently have around 50 households on our mailing list, the majority who live in the nearby vicinity of Hummingbird Park and/or use the park frequently.

What’s planned for Hummingbird Park?

The “Friends of Hummingbird Park” have been working to draft a proposal for the park enhancements, to be implemented over a three year period.  The proposed plans would require a joint effort from both the City of Asheville and the Montford Community/Friends of Hummingbird Park.

For more background on the Friends of Hummingbird Park and the process by which we will work with the City of Asheville, please read our newsletter article >>>

We also have provided answers to many Frequently Asked Questions >>>

Following are two diagrams that we hope will help describe our ideas for Hummingbird Park.

The “Hummingbird Park – Current State, July 2017” diagram represents Hummingbird Park as we know it today. There is an approximately .6 acre space that is largely open, with just a few mature trees.  The open space is planted with grass and regularly mowed during the growing season.  The remaining quarter- a long vegetated strip bordering the East end of the park (the “Wooded Strip”) – was purposely left natural, providing shade, screening, and habitat for wildlife.  Unfortunately, both the Wooded Strip and the area along Cumberland Ave. have been taken over by invasive plants.



The “Hummingbird Park – Proposed 3-Year Plan” diagram is a visual representation of some of the items being considered for Hummingbird Park as part of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Asheville.   The schematic includes callout boxes identifying some of the items that will be negotiated during the development of the MOU.  The investments currently under consideration by the Montford Neighborhood/ Friends of Hummingbird Park are called out with yellow boxes and numbered “F1” through “F7”.  The items called out in blue boxes and numbered “C1” through “C6” are possible enhancements that the City of Asheville might provide to support our project.

After reviewing our proposed 3-Year Plan, please take our Community Survey to provide your feedback on these enhancements, and any other comments you may have.

The survey will be active only through the month of August, so please provide your input prior to September 1st.