Festival Just Around The Corner

Montford Festival Parking Notice

The 15th Annual Montford Music & Arts Festival will be here before you know it! Saturday, May 19, to be exact.

The festival will follow the same set up as last year. We will close Montford Avenue from Chestnut to Wanetta. Soco will also be closed to traffic, but Soco residents can still park on the street. Cullowhee will be closed from Pearson to Cumberland Alley. The Ashville Fire Department will limit parking on Pearson Drive to one side of the street from Chestnut to Wanetta to allow for the rerouting of the buses.  If you live in any of these areas, please note: There will be no parking on Montford from Chestnut to Wanetta and Cullowhee from Pearson to Cumberland Alley. Watch for the no parking signs on Pearson from Chestnut to Wanetta. We appreciate your cooperation. Thanks for pitching in and doing your share to make this a friendly and safe community event.

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