Dr. Mary Frances (Polly) Shuford Interview

“[As far as women doctors in Asheville,] Dr. Margery Lord was here. [Dr. Margery Lord, City Health Officer for fifteen years from 1939-1954] And an eye specialist had been here. Dr. Merrimon. She fitted my first glasses when I [… click heading to read more]

Discovering Montford’s Early History

Zoe Rhine, Special Collections Librarian, The North Carolina Room, Pack Memorial Library

Looking north from the head of Montford at Bearden; cobbled street, trolley tracks, horse-drawn carriage with umbrella (probably indicating a street vendor), woman standing on [… click heading to read more]

27 Blake Street—A Tale of Two Owners

Note from the editor: This is one of my favorite submissions in the newsletter since I’ve been the editor. If any of you have an interesting tale of your home, please do send it my way, along with a [… click heading to read more]