Holiday Tour of Homes Reminder

Montford — Asheville’s most historic neighborhood — will showcase 11 homes at the 22nd Annual Holiday Tour of Homes on Saturday, December 9 from 1 until 5 p.m. This is your chance to explore the lovingly restored or carefully [… click heading to read more]

Renaming the Community Center for Tempie Avery

Joe Newman

The proposal to rename the Montford Community Center in honor of Tempie Avery is moving ahead. Tempie was a freed slave, a woman of remarkable achievement, whose home stood on the site now occupied by the center.

[… click heading to read more]

Montford’s History Goes Public

Join the celebration Tuesday, October 3, 9:30 am on Montford Avenue at Cullowhee Street. Parking is available at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 227 Cumberland Avenue, and refreshments will be served there afterwards.

The historic Montford [… click heading to read more]

A Brief History of The Rankin-Bearden House

The Rankin House is a Greek Revival style residence with Italianate embellishments. The house was built by William Dinwiddie Rankin around 1846, making it Montford’s oldest home.

William Dinwiddie Rankin (WD Rankin)

WD had many business [… click heading to read more]

Mystery Photo Details Found

Ross Terry

Last month, I published this mystery photo, which is included in the Montford Avenue bus shelters historic panels. Well, now we know more about this photo. The granddaughter of Pauline Moore—whose parents owned the M.V. [… click heading to read more]

Group Petitions to Rename The Montford Community Center

Cathryn McLeod

Greetings, Montford,

Noting the one hundredth anniversary of the 1917 passing of Asheville’s beloved Tempie Avery, this year is fitting to propose renaming the Montford Community Center in honor of her reputation and residency on 26 Pearson [… click heading to read more]

Clues to Montford’s Past

Bus Shelter History Panels Installed

Sharon Fahrer

History panels are now mounted on three of Montford’s bus shelters thanks to permission from the City of Asheville. They provide riders and passersby a casual glimpse of Montford’s history. [… click heading to read more]

Montford Neighborhood Maps

Just out, beautifully colored new Montford neighborhood maps showing houses by dates and construction by decade, as well as Stumptown, Montford Hills and various neighborhood landmarks. Neil Thomas of Resource Data and Sharon Fahrer created them. Approximately 11″ [… click heading to read more]

Dr. Mary Frances (Polly) Shuford Interview

“[As far as women doctors in Asheville,] Dr. Margery Lord was here. [Dr. Margery Lord, City Health Officer for fifteen years from 1939-1954] And an eye specialist had been here. Dr. Merrimon. She fitted my first glasses when I [… click heading to read more]

Discovering Montford’s Early History

Zoe Rhine, Special Collections Librarian, The North Carolina Room, Pack Memorial Library

Looking north from the head of Montford at Bearden; cobbled street, trolley tracks, horse-drawn carriage with umbrella (probably indicating a street vendor), woman standing on [… click heading to read more]