Awesome Foundation Strikes Again

We’re giving away $1000 to some kids!!!

Awesome Foundation Asheville, a local chapter of the Awesome Foundation, is pleased to announce that our next grant cycle will focus on projects from elementary through high school students. We are contacting schools in the Asheville area and encouraging them to help their students submit projects that can be funded by a $1000 grant from our chapter.

We believe great ideas can come from all parts of our community and if we only focus on adults, we will be missing out on some great opportunities.


Projects can be anything from an arts performance to a charitable activity to a fun activity to anything they can dream up to do with $1000 that will help make Asheville a more awesome community. Students should focus on projects that will make their community more awesome (not just their schools more awesome). We will judge the projects on 3 criteria: creativity, feasibility, and impact on the community.

Applicants must be aged 18 years or under. Both students attending local schools and those being home schooled are encouraged to participate. Deadline for applications is November 6th.  Individual students as well as groups of students can submit applications at:

We will choose a group of finalists to present at a pitch party on December 4th.  At the pitch party students will have 7 minutes to present their projects followed by a quick Q & A session.

About the Foundation

We all know how Awesome it is to live, work and play in Asheville. This group wants to help those who can make our community even better with just a little help from some friends. Awesome Asheville gives out grants of $1000 to those who can articulate and deliver great projects to make our town even more vibrant and awesome to live in. The Awesome Foundation has 83 chapters in 18 countries and has given over $2 million micro-grants since its inception.  For more information visit:

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