Upgrades to Montford Park

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City Plans Upgrades to Montford Park Starting in February

General Overview from Pete Wall—City of Asheville Program Manager, Parks & Recreation—Capital Projects Department

  • New Tennis Courts and Lighting
  • New Basketball Court and Lighting (remove 10’ fencing)
  • New Accessible parking and sidewalk to tennis/basketball/restrooms
  • New Site Furniture

Users can expect the court improvements to have a similar quality to Kenilworth Park improvements made in 2015.
Also, I spoke with Mike Stamey of MSD about the sewer line replacement at Montford Park (its the one that goes under the tennis courts). We have asked them to hold off until we have our easement in place and will likely have an anticipated construction date of February. I will keep everyone posted as I know more.

Note: Article from the February 2018 issue of the Montford Newsletter.
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