When, Where, and What Do I Need to Vote?

Susan Presson

After many NC legislative decisions, laws, and legal battles, it might be confusing about when we can vote and what we need to take with us, short of promising our first born. Early voting has started and runs through November 5. Vote early! There are 16 sites for Early Voting, 10am-6pm.

Where to Vote

The easiest voting site for us in Montford is the former Randolph/Isaac Dickson School (now called by the school system the Fusion Campus) at 90 Montford Avenue. Also all the county libraries will be open for voting. All the libraries will also be open Sunday October 30, 1-6pm. On election day polls are open 6:30am-7:30pm.

Same Day Voting Registration

There is same day voting registration only during the Early Voting window. If you want to vote on election day, you must have been registered by October 14. I’ve got voter registration forms (4pressons@gmail.com) or one can go to the Board of Elections at 77 McDowell St. You do not need a photo ID or license to vote. You can register as Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Unaffiliated, or Other, and may still vote in primaries.

Absentee Voting

An absentee ballot can be requested by an individual or by a family member. The absent voter’s date of birth, last four numbers of social security number, and mailing address are required. Absentee ballots must be signed by two witnesses and post-marked by election day. It must be received by the Board of Elections by November 14, and the return envelope must be signed.


Anyone convicted of a felony has voting rights restored once the sentence and parole have been served.

Volunteers Needed

There is a big need for poll greeters for all hours polls are open at all the different sites. It can be a fun way to meet and greet your neighbors and thank them for voting. Please contact me (4pressons@gmail.com) if you are able to be a poll greeter or need to register at your current address.

Democracy only works when its people participate.