Dog of the Month: Scout, Prince of Montford…

Sue G. Russell

batch4-2-webThis vision of canine beauty reminds you of a walking horse because he doesn’t so much walk, as prance. And, while most of us have never seen him at full throttle, Scout, son of a champion field trial dog, can speed along at 40 miles an hour, and keep it up. Scout is a Vizsla, (say “Vish’ Law”), a breed originating in Hungary and bred to work in field, forest, and water. In distances over a half mile, the Vizsla is the fastest dog in the world. Prized by Hungarian royalty, the Vizsla started arriving in the U.S. by the late 1940s. Interest in the breed grew and in 1960, the Vizsla became the 115th breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Scout lives with Cindy and Dave Van Gorder in a home that was once the Welfare Baptist Church. His two good humanoids make sure he gets what he needs most—movement—and that’s why he is such a fixture on Montford. As Dave tells the story, one vet told him, yep, Vizslas finally run out of energy about 6 months after they expire. Wow, that’s strong.

But for all his jaw-dropping beauty and grace, Scout’s a good dog, humble, unaware of his beauty. No snob Scout, he’ll always give you a sniff and then take a pet. And, in addition to humans, he shows friendly interest in small mammals. For example, there’s Obi, a Watauga-based cat that visits. Together, the two share porch time and maybe that’s why, when he’s not moving, Scout’s curled up on his memory-foam bed, just like a cat. Good dog, Scout.

(Note: Montford is made up of people, old houses and of course, our dogs. If you have a canine you want to suggest for Dog of the Month, email