Muchas, Muchas Gracias Festival Volunteers!

It was our 13th successful year with 6371 attending. The Montford Music and Arts Festival gave residents, vendors, and visitors of all ages local music, arts, and fine al fresco dining. We owe so much to volunteers (and, particularly, volunteer organizers Jerry Connor, Kim Kennedy, David Baker, and Ben Scales for months of preparation and a unified effort on the day itself).
Thank you!

Our locals Brian May and Scott Merrill, and HernĂ¡n and Lou Ann Navarro continue to make this a rewarding local event by contributing a matching donation of $1,000. Can you imagine? These are our dear neighbors who make our lives better.

Keith Aitken

Dave Baker

Melissa Banks

Rebecca Banner

Alan Basist

Barbara Benisch

Suzanne Bolding

Jason Boyer

Laurie Brill

Brenda Carlton

Jerry Conner

David Copley

Suza Cree

Leon Dreyfus

Pamela Dupuis

Susan Eggerton

Vic Fahrer

Merissa & Ben Gail

Trudy Galynker

Steve Gibson

Robert Glenn

Kim Goodspeed

Roy Hall

Ginger Harding

Roger Helm

Gretchen Henn

Sharon Hines

Kevin Hogan

Kim Kennedy

Logan Kennedy

Taylor Kennedy

Margo Klein

Jacqueline Larson

Darcie Layne

Leetha Lineberry

Robert Mays

Michael McDonough

Janice Mead

Joan Miller

Cherie Morris

Lucy Morris

Destiney Moss

Joe Murphy

Ellen Nutter

Randy Omark

Susan, Stephen & Matt Paoletti

David & Deb Patterson

Tony Peirfelice

Terry Peters

Bob Presley

Jared Reggi

Lewis & Susan Rothlein

Mitch, Betsey and Anne Elise Russell

Sue Russell

Bill Saupe

Ben Scales

Paula Sellars

Will Sibbald

Lisa and Shea Smith

Caroline Snead

Rachel Stein

Margo Sutton

Ross Terry

Tamelia Thompson

Rachel Tutwhiler

Mary Trauner

Paul Troxler

Dave Werle

Gary Wiles

Jane Yokoyama

Daphne Young

Fred Zarro