June’s Dog of the Month: Grady, a dog about town!

Kassie Moore

Seamus O’Grady Moore (“Grady”) moved to Asheville 3 years ago with his owner, Kassie, and he’s quickly made Asheville his own. His favorite pastime is hiking and, despite turning 12 years old this spring, Grady hits the [… click heading to read more]

The Bears Among Us

Poem by Sue G. Russell

I bet they see us, more than we see them. And when we do, we trumpet, our digitals in our hands. “Bear walking down Cumberland, just five minutes ago,” we warn. But [… click heading to read more]

First Annual Montford ARTWALK

Dana Irwin

The first Montford ARTWALK was a grand success according to artists who manned and womanned their stations noon-5pm Saturday, October 29 on a beautiful Autumn day that begged us to get out and enjoy. The [… click heading to read more]

Northern Mockingbird, Defensive Tackle

Cherie Morris

It’s a sunny springtime morning on my front porch in Montford, and I’m enjoying the breeze as I read the newspaper. Birdsong seems to be everywhere – chirps, trills and crystal clear single note calls [… click heading to read more]

Dog of the Month: Scout, Prince of Montford…

Sue G. Russell

This vision of canine beauty reminds you of a walking horse because he doesn’t so much walk, as prance. And, while most of us have never seen him at full throttle, Scout, son of a champion [… click heading to read more]

Natural Neighborhoods: Front Gardens

Lisa Wagner

Green comes in different forms in our urban landscapes, from street trees and public parks to hidden back gardens. All of these bits of green are important threads in the fabric of the natural world as it [… click heading to read more]

Montford is the first to display its history on a neighborhood bus shelter!

Have you noticed as you drive or walk past the bus shelter in front of the Chamber Visitors Center there is a panel that gives a brief glimpse of Montford history? What a great way to show pride in [… click heading to read more]

the Montford Sign Grant Program

Our second sign goes up

Are you a Montford business? Need a sign? Who you gonna call? BETTER CALL SUE: (828) 778-7747.


27 Blake Street—A Tale of Two Owners

Note from the editor: This is one of my favorite submissions in the newsletter since I’ve been the editor. If any of you have an interesting tale of your home, please do send it my way, along with a [… click heading to read more]

First Signs of the MNA Sign Grant Program

Look for new signage at One Click Fix, 438 Montford Avenue and also a dramatic new sign at everyone’s favorite Italian Restaurant, Montford’s own Chiesa. The debut of the Chiesa sign will be accompanied by one of Chiesa’s [… click heading to read more]